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Rebel Roast - Dark Roast

Rebel Roast - Dark Roast

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Bridging the divide between tradition and rebellion, Rebel Roast emerges as the dark, enigmatic soul of our coffee line. Where Cafe Vaquero is a harmonious melody of medium roast and community, Rebel Roast is the solitary echo of defiance in the dark.

Crafted for those who tread the wild paths, this blend is an alliance of two single-origin beans from the deep valleys of Colombia and the rugged terrains of Mexico, meticulously chosen for those who dare to taste the dark.

Roasted in Defiance, United in Diversity
Each bean in the Rebel Roast blend carries the untamed history of its land—a fusion of Colombia's robust richness and Mexico's spirited spice. The beans are dark roasted, a testament to our commitment to crafting a coffee that's as full-bodied as it is audacious.

A Confluence of Contrasts
With Rebel Roast, prepare for an adventure in every cup—a full-bodied dark roast that doesn't just awaken the senses, but rallies them. The blend harmonizes the tartness of cherry and the depth of cacao, a balance achieved by the fierce spirits of its origin lands. The taste profile is a declaration of complexity and strength.

Stand with the Rebels
Opting for Rebel Roast is more than a preference—it's an allegiance to the robust, a homage to the shadows where strength is forged. It's a blend that doesn't just stand apart, but stands above, a beacon for those who choose the path less traveled and a coffee that ignites the rebel within.

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