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Cult Coffee

La Llorona - Espresso Roast

La Llorona - Espresso Roast

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A Flavorful Journey: Dive into the rich world of our La Llorona Dark Espresso Roast. This isn't just any coffee; it's a single-origin brew that brings the lush landscapes of Colombia right to your cup. With every sip, you're experiencing a story that's as deep and flavorful as the land itself.

The Tale Behind the Taste: Ever heard of La Llorona, the 'Weeping Woman' from Hispanic folklore? This touching story of a mother's eternal search for her lost children is as compelling as our espresso. Our La Llorona blend captures the essence of this legend, offering you not just a coffee, but an emotional experience.

Chocolatey Delight: Imagine the rich, deep notes of chocolate in every sip, echoing the intense emotions of the La Llorona tale. It's a taste that's sure to captivate your senses.

Nutty Harmony: Alongside the chocolate, there's a subtle nuttiness, adding layers of complexity and creating a symphony of flavors in your mouth.

Ethically Sourced: Feel good with every cup, knowing our coffee is 100% Fair Trade and Organic, supporting sustainability and ethical farming practices.

Pure Colombian Magic: Our beans come from a single region in Colombia, giving you an authentic, unadulterated espresso experience that celebrates the uniqueness of its source.

Your Cup of Story and Flavor: When you choose La Llorona Dark Espresso Roast, you're not just picking a coffee. You're immersing yourself in a narrative centuries old, set in the beautiful Colombian terrain. Join us at Cult Coffee to savor a blend where legend and taste intertwine magnificently.
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