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La Llorona - Espresso Roast

La Llorona - Espresso Roast

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Steeped in history and bursting with flavor, our single-origin La Llorona Dark Espresso Roast tells a tale as rich as its taste. Hailing from the verdant landscapes of Colombia, this coffee intertwines the legend of La Llorona with the heritage of its land.

  • The Legend of La Llorona: Rooted in Hispanic folklore, La Llorona, or 'The Weeping Woman', is a poignant tale of a grieving mother's eternal search for her lost children. Just as this story captures the heart with its depth and emotion, our La Llorona espresso captures your senses with its profound flavors.

  • Authentic Colombian Essence: Dive deep into the heart of Colombia with every sip. Our La Llorona is not just coffee, but a journey into the rich tapestry of its origin.

  • Chocolate Majesty: The profound chocolate notes echo the deep emotions of the La Llorona legend, ensuring a mesmerizing taste profile.

  • Nutty Resonance: Experience the delicate nutty undertones that harmonize with the chocolate, crafting a balanced and multi-layered flavor dance.

  • 100% Fair Trade & Organic: Drink with pride, knowing that each bean was ethically sourced and produced with a commitment to sustainability and the environment.

  • Single-Origin Brilliance: Celebrate the unique characteristics of beans exclusively from one prime Colombian region, offering a pure and unparalleled espresso experience.

With La Llorona Dark Espresso Roast, you're not just enjoying a coffee; you're partaking in a story that's been told for generations. Let each cup transport you to the landscapes of Colombia and the echoing tales of La Llorona. Experience Cult Coffee's premium selection - where lore meets flavor.

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