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Cafe Vaquero - Medium Roast

Cafe Vaquero - Medium Roast

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As successor to our beloved Cowboy Coffee, we've struck a new path with Cafe Vaquero. This unique blend echoes the spirit of the open trails, taking a turn from the dark roast you know well to a medium roast, reflecting the vibrant vistas and soulful melodies of cowboy ballads under the twilight sky. The change comes with our shift to new beans, meticulously sourced from Colombia, promising the bold flavors you've relished in our dark roast. While we've transitioned to a medium roast with Cafe Vaquero, rest assured that the robust experience you seek is heartily preserved in each cup.

Harvested with Care, Rooted in Community
Our Cafe Vaquero comes to life in the lush, mountainous regions of Colombia, borne from the dedication of a 300-member association of organic-certified growers. These aren't merely beans; they're the culmination of commitment to environmental stewardship and community solidarity. Choosing Cafe Vaquero means riding side by side with us in support of ethical farming and a future grown from tradition and respect.

Embark on a Flavorful Expedition
Cafe Vaquero is a treasure trove of tastes. While maintaining a medium to full body reminiscent of untamed terrains, it welcomes the palate with hints of sweetness akin to a prairie sunrise, vibrant fruit notes reflecting nature's wild bounty, and a reliable nutty finish as comforting as a campfire gathering.

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