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Cult Coffee

Sample Box

Sample Box

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Embark on a sensory journey with Cult Coffee's exquisite sample box, an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of exceptional flavors. Whether you're a seasoned coffee lover or just starting to explore the nuances of artisanal roasts, this box offers a handpicked selection of our most beloved blends, each with its own story and profile. Encased in stylish packaging featuring striking Day of the Dead artwork, this set includes five unique coffee experiences:

Café Vaquero: Relish the medium roast's delightful dance of sweet fruit and a nutty sharpness. A successor to the cherished Cowboy blend, Café Vaquero presents the full body of a dark roast with just a hint of mild acidity, sourced from Colombian FTO beans for that authentic, invigorating taste.

Cult Classic: This blend lives up to its name, offering the dependable, timeless cup you've come to cherish. Medium roasted for balance, it swirls with taste notes of brown sugar and dried fruit, concluding with a mild chocolate aftertaste. The smooth, buttery finish paired with a bright body, bold flavor, and low acidity makes it stand out, crafted from Mexican Chiapas beans.

Bruja Brew: For those who crave intensity, Bruja Brew's dark roast is the perfect match. Its bittersweet cocoa essence and smoky chocolate finish deliver a robust and full-bodied experience. Ideal for crafting velvety espresso shots, it's a blend that speaks to the heart of dark roast enthusiasts, derived from Mexican Chiapas beans.

La Llorona: This dark roast, our darkest, pays homage to the haunting tale of "the weeping woman." Enigmatic as its namesake, it offers a rich chocolate and nutty flavor profile with a seamlessly smooth finish. La Llorona is crafted from Colombian FTO beans, ensuring a mysterious yet satisfying depth.

House Blend: Our House Blend marries medium and dark roast beans to create a symphony of flavors, featuring fruity and nutty notes culminating in a genuine cocoa finale. This buttery smooth and creamy concoction boasts a bold body, resulting from a blend of Mexican Chiapas and Colombian FTO beans.

Each coffee in the sample box promises a unique tasting experience, inviting you to uncover the distinct characteristics of our carefully roasted selections. Not only is it an excellent way to explore the spectrum of Cult Coffee's offerings, but it also serves as a thoughtful and delightful gift for anyone who appreciates the craft of fine coffee. Elevate your daily ritual and uncover your preferred blend with Cult Coffee's sample box – where every cup is an adventure waiting to be savored.
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