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Cult Coffee

House Blend - Dark /Medium

House Blend - Dark /Medium

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  • Medium & Dark Roast- 50/50 mix of dark roasted Mexican Chiapas beans and medium roasted Colombian FTO beans
  • Motozintla, Chiapas Mexico 1200-1750 feet &  Buesaco, Narino Colombia 1900-2300 feet
  • Washed

A dark roast body, smooth as butter, and rich as velvet. Taste notes of fruit and a nutty cacao finish. The perfect balance of a dark roast body with medium roast taste notes. Truly the best of both worlds and a coffee like no other! If you are always between getting a medium or dark roast why not have both? Makes tasteful cold brews, drip, and pour overs.

USDA organic, no preservatives, no additives, single origin, 100% arabica coffee, roasted to order.

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