March 2023


Cult Coffee Launches New Coffee Blends Featuring the Best of Brazil, Colombia, Equator, and Mexico

[Marquez, Texas] - Cult Coffee, a leading specialty coffee provider, has announced the launch of its new coffee blends, featuring the best of Brazil, Colombia, Equator, and Mexico. These blends are carefully crafted to provide coffee lovers with a unique and unforgettable coffee experience.

The new blends are made with 100% Arabica beans that have been ethically sourced and roasted to perfection. Each blend has a unique taste profile that reflects the region's flavor profile, making them perfect for those who love to explore the world through coffee.

The Brazil Cerrado blend has a smooth and rich flavor with hints of chocolate and nutty notes. The beans are grown in the Cerrado region of Brazil, which is known for producing some of the best coffee in the world.

The Colombian FTO blend features beans that are grown on small family-owned farms in the Andes Mountains. Well-balanced acidity with a rich body, starts off sweet and creamy with notes of tart fruit and finishes with a bittersweet, dark cocoa note.

The Equator Fusion FTO blend combines beans from Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, and Sumatra to create a complex and balanced flavor profile. The beans are Fair Trade Certified, ensuring that farmers are paid fair wages for their hard work.

The Mexican FTO blend is made with beans that are grown in the Chiapas region of Mexico. The beans have a medium body and a mild acidity with notes of chocolate and nuts. For small farmers and artisans in Mexico, fair trade addresses the need for viable economic opportunities that enable producers to remain in their communities and retain ownership of their land. Certificate by the Exportadora de Café California S.A. de C.V.

"Cult Coffee is committed to providing coffee lovers with the best possible coffee experience," said Robert Bargas, Founder of Cult Coffee. "We are thrilled to launch these new blends and give our customers a taste of the unique flavors and aromas that each region has to offer."

The new blends are available for purchase online at Cult.Coffee and at select retail locations. Cult Coffee is excited to share these new blends with coffee lovers around the world and looks forward to hearing feedback from customers.


About Cult Coffee:

Cult Coffee is a specialty coffee provider that is committed to ethically sourcing the best coffee beans from around the world. The company is dedicated to providing coffee lovers with a unique and unforgettable coffee experience. For more information, visit [website].




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