The Tennis Judge and the Coffee Cup

The Tennis Judge and the Coffee Cup

Lois and Alan had been married for over fifty years. They had shared everything, from their joys to their sorrows. Lois was a world-renowned tennis line judge who had judged everything from local events to the U.S. Open. She had a keen eye for detail and was respected by her peers in the industry.

One day Lois was judging a local Los Angeles event. It was a normal day, and she had a good time. That came crashing to a horrible end when she returned home where she found Alan lying in bed dead. Lois was devastated. She instantly called the police, and within minutes, the police, detectives, and the coroner arrived at the scene. The detectives found blood and a broken coffee cup at the bottom of a set of stairs. They immediately began investigating the scene, trying to figure out what had happened.

Months passed, and Lois struggled to cope with the loss of her husband. She found solace in her work, and months later she was on her way to New York City to judge a match at the U.S. Open. One morning as she left her hotel, she was met by the New York Police, the press, and flashing lights. The police arrested her for the murder of her husband Alan. The Los Angeles coroner had ruled that Alan’s death was a murder, bludgeoning by coffee cup, and his interpretation of the evidence seemed to point towards Lois.

Lois sat, wondering how her life had taken such a drastic turn. But eventually, the Los Angeles courts dismissed her case for lack of evidence. An independent coroner’s review of the facts in the case revealed that there was no blood splatter that would indicate a struggle, Lois’ DNA was not on the coffee cup, and none of Alan’s blood was found on the clothing worn that day by Lois.

Lois was relieved but also angry that she had been arrested for a crime she did not commit. She felt that her reputation had been tarnished, and she wanted to get her good name back. She decided to sue the Los Angeles coroner’s office. The case is still pending.

Despite everything that had happened, Lois continued to work as a tennis line judge. She was determined to prove her innocence and clear her name, but she also knew that her work was essential to her. Lois was a strong and resilient woman, and she knew that she would get through this difficult time.

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