The Gruesome Coffee Hut Killer

The Gruesome Coffee Hut Killer

Samantha had been working as a barista at a small coffee hut in Anchorage, Alaska for over a year. She loved her job and the regular customers who would come in each day for their morning caffeine fix. One of her customer’s was Israel.

Israel, a military vet, had traveled the world and had lived an unremarkable life, or so it seemed. He had a family and worked odd jobs. But underneath the normal facade, Israel was a serial killer. He had run his killing operation for years undetected and had gone as far as stashing killing supplies throughout his killing grounds.

One day Israel came into the small coffee shop and kidnapped Samantha.  Israel then took her home to his backyard shed and slayed her. Before Israel slayed her, he took her bank card and her cell phone and forced her to tell her the pin numbers and the passwords. He then went on a two-week vacation with his family.

Samantha’s parents were contacted by the coffee owner that she was missing, and they immediately reported her missing to the police. The small town of Anchorage was in shock, and the search for Samantha began. The police and her loved ones searched for Samantha day and night, but there was no sign of her.

Days turned into weeks, and her family grew increasingly worried. They feared the worst, and each passing day seemed to bring them closer to the inevitable conclusion that they may never see their daughter again.

Upon Israel’s return from vacation, he went back to Samantha‘s body where he sewed her eyes open, took a current newspaper, laid it on her body, and took a picture of her. He put the information into a box and hid it in a park. He then texted Samantha‘s boyfriend and instructed him how to find the box.

The boyfriend went to the park and found the box. In the box was the photo of Samantha and a note to Samantha’s parents instructing them to deposits $30,000 into Samantha’s bank account if they wanted to see their daughter again. The parents were happy to comply if it meant they would get to see Samantha again. They deposited the money as instructed. The information was also given to the FBI, and they continued to search for Samantha throughout Anchorage; they were determined to bring Israel to justice. The FBI monitored Samantha’s credit card.

Israel went on the run. He traveled from Anchorage Alaska to Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The FBI determined that he was traveling by car along interstate 10. The FBI asked the Texas Highway Patrol to keep a lookout for him. The Texas Highway Patrol spotted him in a small-town motel in West Texas. They waited for him to leave the motel and arrested him on the road without incident. Israel was extradited back to Alaska to stand trial. At his first hearing Israel escaped from his bonds and tried to flee the courthouse but he was subdued and taken back to his jail cell.

Unbeknownst to the jailers, Israel had a razor blade in his mouth. After being returned to his cell, Israel took his life. When the jailers found his body, they also found a written note on the cell wall. Written in his own blood the message said: “We are one” and below the message was a drawing of 11 skulls.

To this day the FBI the is searching for the additional victims.

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