The Gold Digger and the Veterinarian

The Gold Digger and the Veterinarian

Gary (70) and Amanda’s (50) love story began five months ago when they tied the knot. They were happy and in love. Gary was a retired veterinarian enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Every morning Amanda would make them both some coffee, and they would sit on their front porch enjoying the coffee and the rising sun.

One morning, while sipping their coffee, Gary started feeling dizzy and he felt like he was underwater. Amanda suggested he rest, and he agreed. He stumbled to bed and slept for a day and a half.

Days passed and they again were having coffee on their front porch when similar symptoms struck Gary a second time and again Amanda suggested he lay down. This time Gary slept for three solid days.

Weeks passed and the couple sat on their porch sipping coffee and enjoying the view when Gary had a severe case of vertigo, he could hardly stay seated. Amanda said that his face was drooping. She suggested that he was having a stroke. Gary struggled to his feet and went inside to look in the mirror, but his face appeared fine. Then Gary blacked out.

The next thing Gary remembered is that he is laying in a hospital bed looking at the ceiling. As he lay in his hospital bed, a doctor came in and informed him that he had been in a coma for over a week and that they found phenobarbital in his blood. Gary was perplexed as he could not think of how he could have accidentally taken the drug as it was the drug he used exclusively for euthanizing animals. As the doctor informed him Gary's heart sank as he realized that Amanda had tampered with his coffee.

The investigation revealed that Amanda had put the drug in Gary's coffee, intending to kill him. She had manipulated Gary into changing his will, leaving everything to her and cutting out his children. Amanda now sits in jail awaiting trial.

Gary was devastated by Amanda's betrayal. He filed for divorce. His children are glad to have their father back. He was grateful to be alive and vowed to move on from the tragedy.

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