The Bitcoin Extortion

The Bitcoin Extortion

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that operates on a peer-to-peer network, which means that there is no central authority that controls it. Transactions are recorded on a public ledger called the blockchain, which is maintained by a network of users who validate and verify the transactions.

Bitcoin's security measures are designed to protect against fraud and ensure the integrity of the blockchain. One of the key security features of Bitcoin is its use of cryptographic algorithms to secure the transactions and the blockchain.

The cryptographic algorithms used by Bitcoin are designed to provide strong security and protect against unauthorized access to user accounts. When a user creates a Bitcoin account, they generate a pair of cryptographic keys: a public key and a private key. The public key is used to receive bitcoins, while the private key is used to send bitcoins and authenticate transactions.

The private key is kept secret and should never be shared with anyone. It is used to sign transactions and ensure that only the rightful owner of the account can access and transfer the bitcoins associated with that account. In other words, the cryptographic algorithms used by Bitcoin provide a strong level of security that prevents unauthorized access to user accounts.

Nikolay and Lena, a happily married couple from Moscow, had a love for adventure and travel that brought them to many parts of the world. But there was one place that always drew them back - the tropical paradise of Phuket in Thailand.

They traveled to Phuket four times a year, each trip filled with new and exciting experiences. But one of their favorite places to start the day was a small coffee shop on the beach. They would wake up early, before the sun had risen, and make their way to the coffee shop just in time to watch the sun peek over the horizon.

The coffee shop was small and cozy, with just a few tables and chairs scattered on the sand. The smell of fresh coffee beans mixed with the salty sea air, creating a unique and invigorating aroma that awakened their senses.

Nikolay and Lena would sit at their favorite table, close to the water's edge, and watch as the sky changed colors with each passing moment. The early morning breeze would brush their faces, and they would wrap their hands around their hot coffee cups, soaking in the serenity of the moment.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the beach would come alive with activity. People would start jogging, walking their dogs, or simply enjoying a stroll along the sand. Boats would start to appear on the horizon, making their way into the harbor.

As they finished their coffee and watched the sun reach its peak, they would hold hands and smile at each other, grateful for the opportunity to share this special moment together. And they knew that, no matter where their travels took them, they would always find their way back to that small coffee shop on the beach, where the sunrise never failed to take their breath away.

One day while sitting at their table they suddenly heard squealing tires, and they looked back and saw a black panel van pulling up in front of the coffee shop. Four men jumped out of the van and walked quickly towards them. Nikolay and Lena's hearts raced as they saw the men approaching.

The men didn't say anything as they grabbed Nikolay and Lena and forcibly pulled them towards the van. Nikolay and Lena struggled and screamed, but the men were too strong, and they were quickly shoved into the back of the van.

Nikolay and Lena huddled together in the back of the van, their hearts pounding with fear. They had no idea who these men were or what they wanted. They could hear the men talking in Russian in a hushed tone up front, but they couldn't make out what they were saying.

After what felt like an eternity, the van finally came to a stop. The men opened the doors and pulled Nikolay and Lena out onto the street. The men then dragged the couple into an abandoned building.

It turns out that Nikolay had been working for a large multinational corporation in Moscow for several years, and he had earned a reputation as a reliable and innovative software engineer. His employer trusted him with complex projects and valued his contributions to the company.

The company had invested a significant amount of money in bitcoin and needed someone to manage the digital currency. Nikolay's expertise in software engineering made him the perfect candidate for the job, and the company made him the Bitcoin Manager.

Nikolay took advantage of this position and siphoned off large sums of bitcoin from the company, and now the company sent Russian mercenaries after him to recover the stolen bitcoin.

The lead mercenary, Matvei, tells Nikolay that if he does not return the bitcoin that he has orders to eliminate him. Nikolay laughs and says, “If you kill me the bitcoin will be lost forever as I am the only one that has the key to the account.”

What the mercenaries do not know is that Nikolay is smart and crafty, as he placed the bitcoin in different accounts rather than one account. This is because by spreading bitcoin across multiple accounts the risk of losing everything at once is reduced, i.e., the current situation. “Good thing I have an eidetic memory” Nikolay says under his breath.

Nikolay was terrified, but he quickly came up with a plan. He told Matvei that he would give them the key number for the bitcoin account, but only if they released him and Lena. The men agreed, and Nikolay began writing down the key number on a piece of paper. However, he left out one digit and told the men that this was the key to the account.

Matvei was angry when he realized that Nikolay had given him an incomplete key number.  Nikolay made calming gestures to Matvei and said, “Once you let us go and we are safe I will call you with the missing part of the key number. Phuket is a small island, right? So, it should not be hard to find us if I do not call.” Matvei reluctantly agreed, and he knew killing Nikolay would not get the bitcoin back, so he let Nikolay and Lena go.

Nikolay and Lena ran as fast as they could, not daring to look back. They eventually made it to their hotel, where they locked themselves in their room and called Matvei with the missing key number, and then they called the local authorities. The police arrived quickly and escorted Nikolay and Lena to a safe location.

The police arrived at the abandoned building where they found evidence of the kidnapping, including the ropes and tape used to tie up the couple.

The police launched a manhunt for the kidnappers, and with the help of witnesses who saw the black panel van, they were able to track down three of the men. The men were caught in a nearby town and taken into custody. Matvei was able to evade the police.

The police searched for Matvei, but he had already fled back to Russia. The authorities in Russia were informed of the situation, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Nikolay and Lena were relieved to hear that the men had been caught, but they were still on edge, knowing that Matvei was still out there.

After the incident with the mercenaries, Nikolay and Lena decided that returning to Russia would be too dangerous. They were still worried that Matvei would seek revenge against them.

Instead, they sought the help of the Thai authorities and asked to be put into witness protection. They knew that this would mean leaving their old life behind, but they felt it was the only way to stay safe.

The authorities were sympathetic to their plight and agreed to help. They provided Nikolay and Lena with new identities and relocated them to a safe house in a different part of the country. The couple had to leave behind their old home, their friends, and everything they had known, but they were grateful to be alive.

In the safe house, they were given new identities and had to adapt to a completely new way of life. They spent their days learning Thai and practicing different trades, such as cooking and farming. They found it hard to adjust to the simple life, but they were grateful for the opportunity to start over.

Over time, they made new friends and started to feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. They knew that they could never return to their old life, but they were at peace knowing that they were safe.

As they sat on the porch of their new home, looking out at the lush green fields and mountains in the distance, Nikolay turned to Lena and said, "It's not the life we planned, but it's a good life. And most importantly, we're together, and we still have the bitcoin."

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