Sangre por Sangre

Sangre por Sangre

Camila arrived at the Diputación Provincial de Lugo early on her first day of work. As she made her way through the ornate hallways of the historic building, she felt a sense of excitement and nervousness. She was eager to start her new job, but also wanted to make a good impression on her colleagues.

When she arrived at Ana's office, she was greeted by the President herself. "Good morning, Camila," Ana said with a warm smile. "I'd like to introduce you to Braulio Villalvazo, the Engineering Project Manager for the renovation of the building."

Camila shook hands with Braulio, who was a tall, imposing man with a serious demeanor. He led her to a conference room where they sat down to discuss her role in the project.

Braulio explained the sensitivity of the project and how important it was to keep the character of the 1833 building intact. He asked Camila what she needed and what her plans were for the telecommunications updates.

Camila was well-prepared and confident as she outlined her plans. She explained that she would need a centrally located room on the second floor for her server/router room, and that the room would need to have air conditioning. She promised to provide a total heat wattage load after she finished selecting the equipment.

In addition, Camila explained that she planned on running a WIFI system throughout the building, and that she would need low power DC every 20 meters for the WIFI system.

Braulio listened carefully to Camila's plans and nodded approvingly. "It sounds like you have it well in hand," he said. "I think it will be a pleasure working with you."

Camila felt a wave of relief and pride wash over her. She had made a good impression on her new colleagues, and she was excited to get to work on the project. As she left the meeting with Ana and Braulio, she felt confident that she had made the right choice in pursuing this job and was ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

As they walked down the hall, Camila couldn't help but feel excited about her new role in the provincial government. She had always been interested in technology and now she finally had the opportunity to make a real impact in the public sector. Braulio seemed like a friendly guy, and Camila appreciated that he was taking the time to show her around.

As they passed by a few rooms, Braulio asked Camila if any of them would be suitable for her server/router room. Camila inspected each one carefully, looking for a space that was secure, centrally located, and had good airflow. She finally settled on a room on the second floor that had a sturdy door and plenty of space for her equipment.

As they continued their tour, Braulio mentioned that he had been the engineering project manager for the high-speed rail project. Camila's interest was piqued, and she asked him what it was like working on such a large-scale project.

Braulio chuckled and said, "It was definitely a challenge, but it was also incredibly rewarding. It's not every day that you get to work on something that will benefit so many people for years to come."

Camila nodded, impressed. "I can imagine. I'm excited to be a part of something like that myself, even if it's on a smaller scale."

Braulio smiled. "Well, I think you're going to do great things here, Camila. And if you ever have any questions or need any advice, don't hesitate to ask."

Camila thanked him and they continued their tour of the building. She couldn't wait to get started on her new project and make a positive impact in the community.

Braulio stopped at an office at the end of the second-floor hall and said, “This is your office, Camila. It will be a bit of a challenge working in a construction zone, but I am sure you will make do. If you need anything just ask your administrative assistant. I need to get going, I will see you later.”

Camila walked into her office and looked around in awe. The room was spacious and filled with natural light from the tall windows that overlooked the garden in the back of the building. She walked around the room, taking it all in, admiring the high ceiling and the intricate moldings that adorned it.

The walls were bare, and the room was empty except for a large wooden desk and a few chairs. Camila took a seat behind the desk and looked out of the window. She could see the garden in full bloom, and it was clear that someone had put a lot of care and attention into maintaining it.

As she sat there, taking it all in, her mind wandered back to Braulio's comment about working in a construction zone. She looked around the room, and it was clear that there was a lot of work that needed to be done to make it functional.

Camila knew that this was a challenge, but it was also an opportunity. She had been given a blank canvas to work with, and she was excited about the prospect of creating a space that would be both functional and beautiful.

As she sat there, lost in thought, she was interrupted by a knock on the door. She got up and opened the door to find her administrative assistant, Carmen, standing there with a smile.

"Hello, Camila," Carmen said. "I'm here to help you with whatever you need. I've been working for the government for a long time, and I know my way around this building like the back of my hand. If you need anything, just let me know."

Camila smiled back at Carmen, feeling grateful for her offer of help. "Thank you, Carmen," she said. "I'm sure I'll be needing your help a lot in the coming days."

Carmen nodded, still smiling. "I'll do my best to make your transition as smooth as possible," she said before leaving Camila to her thoughts.

Camila looked around the empty room once more, feeling a sense of excitement and anticipation. She knew that the days ahead would be challenging, but she was confident that she would be able to rise to the occasion and make a success of her new job.

After Camila began her new job, she was nervous and unsure of herself. She struggled to adapt to the fast-paced environment of the telecommunications project, but she persevered and gradually became more confident in her abilities. She put in long hours and worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was on track. Camila became an integral member of the team, and her colleagues began to rely on her expertise and guidance.

Months passed, and although Camila had been working vigorously on her telecommunication project she encountered numerous hurdles along the way, including a limited supply of critical servers due to supply chain disruptions. The project had been dragging on for too long and it seemed like it would never come to an end.

Camila had tried everything to secure the necessary equipment, but it seemed like there was always some obstacle in her way. Frustrated, she reached out to one of her old professors in Cologne for help. He put her in touch with a contact in California who could provide her with the equipment she needed.

Finally, after 18 long months of hard work and perseverance, Camila's project was finally coming to an end. The new telecommunication system was up and running, and Camila felt a deep sense of satisfaction as she watched her project come to fruition.

As she looked back on the challenges she had faced, Camila realized that she had learned a great deal from the experience. She had honed her problem-solving skills, learned to think creatively to overcome obstacles, and had forged valuable connections with people all over the world.

Camila felt a sense of pride as she reflected on what she had accomplished. Despite the challenges she had faced, she had never given up. She had worked tirelessly to make her project a success, and now it was finally paying off.

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