Prison Arbitrage

Prison Arbitrage

In the confines of a high-security prison, three men found themselves locked up for various crimes. Every day, the prison guards would give out instant coffee packages with each meal, a small comfort in the dreary environment. However, one of the men, named Jack, did not drink coffee. Instead, he saved all his packages and used them as currency to trade and buy things with other inmates.

Two men, named Mark and Luke, became Jack's regular customers. They would buy everything from snacks to toiletries from him, and Jack would accept payment in coffee packages. The three men seemed to have a good business relationship going, but things took a turn for the worse.

Mark and Luke promised to pay Jack back for the coffee packages with either goods or coffee. However, they never kept their promise. As time went on, Jack grew more and more enraged at being betrayed by his customers.

One day, Jack confronted Mark and Luke in the prison yard, demanding that they pay him back what they owed. But when they refused, Jack snapped and stabbed them both.

The prison went into lockdown, and the guards rushed to the scene. Mark and Luke were taken to the prison infirmary with non-life-threatening injuries, while Jack was taken to solitary confinement.

The incident caused a stir in the prison, and tensions ran high. The other inmates were put on high alert, and the guards were extra vigilant. Jack's actions resulted in additional time being added to his sentence, and Mark and Luke were moved to a different wing of the prison.

The incident left a lasting impact on all involved, reminding them of the dangers of debt and betrayal, even in a place as isolated and hopeless as prison. The coffee packages that had once been a simple comfort now served as a potent symbol of greed and desperation in the cutthroat world of prison life.

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