I Have a Plan

I Have a Plan

There was a guy named Bob who was incarcerated in the Las Vegas County jail for 40 days.

Bob was formulating a plan. He spent most of his time in his cell writing and drawing, sketching out his idea. One day, Bob's cellmate took notice of Bob's constant scribbling and asked him what he was working on. Bob explained his plan, stating every day he was in jail he would save his instant coffee pack from his meal. Bob waited patiently, collecting his coffee every day, and obsessing about his plan. The turmoil built inside of him every day, building up to the final day of his release.

Bob collected his coffee and then the jailers gave him his possessions that he had to surrender during his intake. One of jailers asked Bob what he was going to do with all that coffee. Bob simply replied, “I have a plan”.

After Bob’s release from jail, he went directly to a motel and purchased a room for the day. Bob sat in his motel room and systematically made and drank 40 cups of instant coffee. As Bob drank every cup, he became more manic. It was early evening before Bob drank the last cup and with this cup, he became hysterical. Bob ran from the hotel room into the hot Vegas night, screaming at the top of his lungs “I HAD A PLAN”. He gathered a lot of attention as every person he passed he would scream at them, “I HAD A PLAN”. Of course, the sheriff’s department was called, and Bob was arrested for disorderly conduct.

The sheriffs put Bob in a holding cell with another inmate, but that did not work out as Bob started fighting with him. So, the sheriffs had to put Bob in chair restraint. Bob ranted and raved about his plan laughing, like Heath Ledger when he played the Joker, about how he drank a month’s worth of coffee in one day. The manic laugher continued and continued as Bob screamed into the corner that the sheriff had placed him. Bob calmed down enough that he could be placed in a cell.

Bob appeared before a judge the next morning, and he was given another 40 days in the county jail. The intake jailer looked at Bob and said, “back again I see”. Bob looked at the jailer and said “yes, yes, I am, and I have a new plan”.

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