Flashing Hot Coffee

Flashing Hot Coffee

John was not a good person. He was on the local sexual offenders list. John was in treatment for this problem, and he was doing well. But every once in a while, the problem would raise its ugly head. John also had a fetish for good hot coffee.

John lived in a small town in central Wyoming where there were several small coffee huts. On a regular basis John would get coffee at one of the different huts a couple of times a day. The coffee huts were small with no internal seating area and only consisted of a drive-up lane. The owner of the coffee huts hired mostly women as the baristas, and he was generous with scheduling and time off, so the coffee hut was popular with college girls and young mothers. The owner also scheduled two girls to work at a time to keep the girls feeling comfortable and safe.

One day John drove up to the drive-up speaker and ordered his standard medium mocha-latte. In the hut one of the girls noted to the other “that creepy little guy is back” and gets his regular. John drove around to the drive-up window and started to chat with the girl at the window while he waited on his order. The girl just smiled and nodded her head. When the order was complete the girl at the window turned to the second girl and rolled her eyes and accepted the cup. As she turned around to give the cup to John she looked down and saw that John had exposed himself. She screamed and dropped the cup of coffee. John sped off.

The girls called the owner and told him what had happened, the owner called the police. The police showed up at the coffee hut and took the girls’ statements. The police told the owner and the girls that they could not do much as there was no evidence proving that John had done what he was accused of doing.

Over the next couple of weeks John exposed himself to several of the other coffee huts in the area. The owner had enough and started the process of installing security cameras in all the huts.

On about the third week of John’s escapade he returned to the original hut that had started his crime spree. The girls had recognized his car as he pulled into the drive-up and they were ready for him. After he ordered his regular, he pulled up to the window. The girls worked on his order and when they came to the window John again exposed himself. The girls in unison threw a cup of boiling water on John’s lap. This time it was John who drove off screaming. The police were able to arrest John at the hospital as the whole incident was captured on video.

John is in jail awaiting trial, the girls are now safe at work, and the owner made a statement to the media saying that he was proud of his girls, saying they took justice into their own hands.

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