Coffee Changing Young People’s Lives

Coffee Changing Young People’s Lives

In Rotterdam, there was a group of juvenile delinquents who were causing trouble around the city. They would skip school, vandalize public property, and even steal from local businesses. The police were having a hard time keeping up with them, and the community was becoming increasingly frustrated with their behavior.

One day, a local coffee shop owner named Johan had an idea. He had noticed that the delinquents were always hanging out on the streets, with nothing to do. He decided to offer them a job at his coffee shop, with the hope that it would keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

At first, the delinquents were hesitant. They had never had a job before, and they didn't think they were capable of working in a coffee shop. But Johan was patient with them, and he showed them the ropes. He taught them how to roast coffee, how to make coffee, how to serve customers, and how to handle money.

To his surprise, the delinquents took to the job quickly. They enjoyed learning new skills and interacting with customers. They also appreciated the sense of responsibility that came with having a job. They started showing up to work on time, and they even began dressing more professionally.

As they spent more time at the coffee shop, something unexpected happened. They started to see Johan as a mentor and a role model. They respected him and looked up to him, and they began to emulate his behavior. They stopped skipping school and started taking their studies more seriously. They stopped vandalizing public property and started cleaning up after themselves. And they stopped stealing from local businesses and started paying for things with their own money.

The community began to notice the change in the delinquents' behavior. They were no longer causing trouble around the city. Instead, they were working hard at the coffee shop and contributing to the community in a positive way.

Johan was proud of the delinquents and the progress they had made. He had taken a chance on them, and it had paid off. He realized that sometimes all it takes is a little guidance and a second chance to turn someone's life around. And in this case, coffee had been the catalyst for change.

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